Legacy Mom

"Your legacy may not be in what you do - but rather, who you raise"


As a mother of boys, life can be intense! The noise, the roughhousing and the messes! But all of that busyness doesn't mean you have to live in chaos, lose sense of the amazing woman you were made to be - or your sanity - trying to just survive until they grow in to men; only to then look back with regret over the things you wish you could have done, lessons you could have taught and legacy you wish you'd have left.

Begin Your Legacy Now

Re-awaken your dream

Do you remember the young woman who had dreams and ambitions for her life? Do you remember what your dreams and ambitions were?

Children may or may not have been a part of that dream. But somewhere along the line, here they came and then somehow being a mom took over - everything.

Now the days are filled with cooking and laundry, cleaning messes, resolving fights and wiping noses - and bottoms and running the family shuttle. 

Work in the home - work outside the home - we all feel it.

What happened to the young woman, so driven and free?

Where did she get lost? 

Is this ALL God created you to do and be?

Is she somewhere inside, pleading to come out?

Is it OK for a mom to chase a "selfish" desire once in a while?

What if not embracing your dream is actually the most selfish thing you can do?

Discover your purpose

This is the Million Dollar Question; the key to building your inspired legacy:

Do you know your life's purpose?

Because without understanding your purpose, it is impossible to live authentically and keep from being blown to-and-fro by the changing winds of life - or tantrums of a toddler. 

Understanding your purpose helps the woman and the mom in you live in unity rather than as a paradox.

Build your legacy

Building a legacy takes not only vision and purpose, but it takes action and commitment. It also requires the support of others around you with a similar vision to support you and encourage you when things get tough. 

What legacy will you leave your children?

You CAN be in love with your boys and your life!

Let me show you how...

In the M.O.B. Legacy Signature Group Program I am going to help you:

  • Re-awaken your dream so you can discover that missing piece from your life and finally get on the path of fufillment.
  • Re-discover your authentic self (she's in there somewhere - I promise!) Discover your core values so that the decisions you make come from a place of authenticity and power rather than uncertainty and fear.
  • Find your passion so the action you take feels great, bringing ease and flow to your days rather then chaos!
  • Eliminate mommy guilt so you can establish healthy boundaries, restoring balance and joy to your life so your children get your best instead of the leftovers of a frustrated, stressed out, burned-out,  short-tempered, exhausted, mom. 
  • Learn how to incorporate your passions and values into mothering so you can pass them on to your children effortlessly.
  • Develop gracious living strategies so you can become more grateful for life's blessings, reduce stress and see God's handiwork in any situation. 
  • Obliterate the destructive thoughts holding you captive and limiting your ability to lead your children with courage and integrity!
  • Build a strategy for personal fulfillment so that when your children are grown and leave home, you will move forward without regret or despair. (There will be tears however - guaranteed!)
  • Develop a framework for the legacy you want to leave your sons so that you know the steps you need to take every day to instill the values and life lessons you hold so dear. 

What is the program like - What do I get?

Your M.O.B. Legacy Program Includes:

  • A Welcome Packet to get you started right away and allow me to get to know you a little better.
  • Weekly group calls - up to 1 hour each to provide coaching and support as you work through the program.
  • 1 one hour call with me to dive deep into your dreams, passions and desires for your future as a woman and mother.
  • E-mail and messaging support (M-F)
  • A private Facebook group for additional support and networking
  • Personalized worksheets, tools, and action plans to ensure you are on the right track to building your inspired legacy.
  • Deeply discounted rates in the event you would like to book additional 1:1 time with me during this program to focus on your specific dreams, purpose and vision.  
  • The opportunity for ongoing membership in our private community beyond the 16 week program, for a low monthly investment, so you can stay on track and continue receiving the coaching and support you need to turn your vision and purpose into your legacy.
Sadly, I know too many women - too many moms - who live with the weight of sorrow and regret for the life they wish they would have lived, the lessons they should have taught, and the legacy they could have left; but they were so caught up in the busyness and chaos of life that they let go of their vision, lost their purpose and never built their legacy.
Time has passed on.....the opportunity missed..... the legacy lost.....forever.
Please don't let this be you.

Join the M.O.B. Legacy