Vision - Purpose - Legacy

Three Great Ways to Work With Me

Two Hour Intensive

Jump start your dream with a         2-hour intensive! Get crystal clear on your vision and create a framework for taking action. 

A very affordable way to test out how coaching can help you build your legacy!

The Power of Your Purpose Given Life

Are you tired of feeling stressed-out, burned-out and unfulfilled? Are you a visionary woman who is ready to discover her higher calling, reignite your passion for life, and build a legacy of meaning and inspiration?

Then you are right where you need to be! 

M.O.B. Legacy

'Legacy Mom' is a group coaching program designed specifically for Mothers.

If you are a mom with a vision to do more than just survive motherhood; if you want a community who will encourage you through the toughest days and support you in building your legacy without losing yourself - or feeling guilty -  in the process,  then this is where it's a girl - it's time to THRIVE!

Love Notes from Legacy Builders

These lovely ladies are well on their way to building powerful legacies. Thank you for sharing the love!

"Natalie  is a wonderful coach. Her compassion, kindness, and support are completely genuine.

She has dedicated her life to helping others in so many ways, and that dedication is extended to her clients and their goals.

Her ability to see through to the heart of an issue and bring honesty and clarity in a gentle way is truly healing.

I've always felt that she truly cares about me and is invested in my success and well being.

Her faith has helped to inspire a renewal of my own faith, which isn't something I had thought to find.

I feel very grateful and blessed to have had Natalie as my coach, and I believe that every client who shows half the dedication she does will feel the same." 


The intensive session I had with Natalie was more than I expected. I was amazed at the wealth of insight and knowledge Natalie was willing to share without reserve.

I left the call with greater understanding, focus and confidence.

I also gained tools that have prepared me to take the next step in building my desired life.

Natalie is very genuine and her desire to help others is clearly what inspires her vision.


Free 30 Minute Discovery Call

You've wasted enough time living with regret, feeling lost, and frustrated - your legacy is already being written. Take action today and make it a legacy of purpose, fulfillment and inspired action!